Warrington Plant Group at Lymm Dam

A straightforward meeting to mooch around and enjoy woodland and wetland habitats at this popular local nature spot.  Hightlights included full house on Cardamine bingo with Cardamine flexuosa, Cardamine hirsuta, Cardamine pratensis and Cardamine amara all present – these are the four listed as common for Cheshire on the BSBI recording card aka the bingo card:

vc 58 extract for webHere are some snaps from our day out:

Lymm Dam looking lovely

2015-04-29 16.08.01 (800x450)

This is the upper dam which has been colonised by willows and alders2015-04-29 16.15.36 (800x450)

Lots of wild garlic about2015-04-29 16.27.54 (800x450)

The Bongs, the ancient woodland to the south of the Dam

2015-04-29 16.36.40 (800x450)

Cardamine amara just about to come into flower2015-05-02 13.56.58 (800x450)

Lesser swinecress, Coronopus didymus.  A fun plant which is often overlooked, as it likes to grow in rather unpromising places like this disturbed gateway2015-05-02 14.32.29 (800x450)


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