BSBI Fumaria meeting, North Wales

The best botanical meetings seem to start in pub car parks, and we had pubs on both days of this meeting 🙂A motley crew of botanists wandered the lanes around Milwr and Cwm Dyserth, led by Emily Meilleur, Flintshire vice-county recorder, and BSBI Welsh officers Paul Green and Polly Spencer-Vellacott.  Our plan was to find and identify fumitory (Fumaria) species, and enjoy some general botanising along the way.

We definitely succeeded in general botanising on the first day, with this splendid display of spring sandwort (Minuartia verna) just round the corner from the pub: botanists looking at Leontodon hispidus and Minuartia vernaMinuartia verna

It was a lovely ramble in beautiful surroundings:landscapegarlic lined lane

Highlights included this Stellaria neglecta, the big chickweed with the dangly fruits.  Look out for it.stellaria neglecta

Only one Fumaria on this first day, but it was a quality sighting.  In line with botanical tradition, it was situated behind someone’s car.  Fumaria purpurea !Fumaria purpurea in a layby

On the second day, we had much more success finding fumitories, with plenty of Fumaria purpurea, F. capreolata, F. bastardii and F. muralis 🙂

2015-05-17 10.55.43 (800x450) 2015-05-17 11.40.13 (800x450) 2015-05-17 11.40.29 (800x450) 2015-05-17 11.41.10 (800x450)

Here’s a bonus plant: Stellaria pallida, growing under a tree.  This is basically a chickweed so small that it looks like a pearlwort.  Worth a look ! 2015-05-17 13.00.05 (800x450)

And bucketloads of Fumaria purpurea to finish 🙂 2015-05-17 14.53.53 (800x450)


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