Badger and bat surveys, Staffordshire (2015)

I did a Phase 1 habitat survey on this site last year and remembered thinking that owing to the mature trees on site, some sort of bat survey would be a good idea.  Turns out the client (a small ecological consultancy) thought so too, and so I was duly summoned back to site to learn whether there was any significant bat activity.  Or, indeed, any badger activity, as this is a rural area.

I roped in my friend J, who has snazzier bat recording equipment than I do, and the benefit of a bat licence, and off we went to find out.J regaled me with his lesser horseshoe bat impression on the drive down, and we bought fish and chips somewhere in Uttoxeter.  Already, we were having a good night.  Unfortunately, despite my hopes of some interesting bats, the stereotype of arable land being rubbish for bats was in full effect and aside from some lively pipistrelles foraging up and down a line of trees near some houses, there was not much excitement after dark 😦

The second survey night was much warmer and we were both optimistic of recording greater bat activity.  Nope.  Our pips were in the same place, we recorded (possibly the same) noctule whizzing by and the only interesting bat was a Myotis passing by briefly, which turned out to be a Natterer’s.

The most interesting thing on this site was the egg vending machine…..

egg vending machine



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