Batty September

September was a mixed bag of bat activity.  I had two bats come to stay with me whilst their regular bat carer went on holiday, but I only gave him one bat back at the end of his trip 😦   It is an unfortunate truth about bat care that we see a lot of nasty injuries, many caused by cats, and a lot of bats do not survive.  I am, however, happy to say that the other bat, “Gnasher”, was doing quite well when I handed him back to his regular carer, J., who will look after him for the rest of the winter.  When he came to me, Gnasher was taking mealworm innards (which is every bit as gross as it sounds) but I trained him to take whole mealworms and he had just about worked out how to self feed when he went back to J’s house.  Here is Gnasher wrestling with a live mealworm early on in his training !!

2015-09-14 07.53.12 (800x450)

I also was called out to a grounded bat inside a house this month which turned out to be a long-dead corpse found at the bottom of a very large opaque glass vase.  Not a nice way to go; I only hope the animal’s suffering was brief.

In happier news, I attended two bat trapping sessions this month for the Nathusius pipistrelle project, at Marbury Country Park and Pennington Flash.  These were a bit mixed in terms of trapping success, but we always have a good time regardless of whether we catch anything.  Pennington Flash in particular is equipped with swings which are a good way to kill time between visits to the harp trap 😀


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