Flintshire BSBI at Rhydtalog

A very relaxed day out with the Flintshire recording crew, today consisting of Amanda and myself, Malcolm and Tom.  We mooched around the lanes near Rhydtalog recording all the vascular plants we could find, chatting about many topics, refining our identification skills and generally putting the world to rights.  Here’s a humungous stand of Polypodium ferns (with human for scale) which we suspect are hybrids but will be determined later when Malcolm has had a chance to inspect the spores under the microscope.

2015-09-12 11.04.16 (800x450)

If you’re in Flintshire or surrounding areas and would like to come botanising with us, you’d be very welcome.  Ideas for interesting outings would be even more welcome 😀  please visit our website for more info.


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