British Bryological Society Spring Meeting 2016

The Spring Meeting was organised by the inimitable Mark O Hill and turned the focus of our bryological hand lens onto Radnorshire.  Our mission was to search for rare plants, update old records for interesting species and record in places which had never been recorded before.  This involved almost a whole week of adventures, each day starting in the inauspicious surroundings of Tesco car park in Llandrindod Wells……Radnorshire is a large county and we travelled as far north as Newtown and south to hay-on-Wye.  The meeting was very well attended with several groups setting out each day to different sites, providing an excellent opportunity to meet other bryologists and learn from their expertise.

Sites I recorded at included the source of the river Teme, an urban park, riverside woodland, upland streams and a major river.  Varied and fun !

Here are a few snaps from the meeting:

2016-04-07 13.43.15 (800x450) 2016-04-08 10.51.56 (800x450) 2016-04-08 10.52.13 (800x450) 2016-04-10 12.11.01 (800x450) 2016-04-10 12.11.11 (800x450) 2016-04-10 15.25.02 (800x450)

Many excellent photographs of the meeting can be found on the BBS Facebook page.

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