Flintshire BSBI at Rhuddlan

Three intrepid botanists gathered at Rhuddlan for an excursion taking in the old castle, fields, woodland, river and stream.  We were successful from the outset, immediately re-finding milk thistle in exactly the same place as the previous record some 20 years ago.

2016-05-14 11.53.38 (800x450)

We then spent quite a while on the top of the old castle Twt Hill searching the unimproved grassland for small spring ephemerals including parsley-piert, field speedwell and my current obsession, spring vetch.

2016-05-14 12.25.35 (800x450)

We then headed out across fields of bulbous buttercup accompanied by cattle to see what else we could find, with plenty of traditional plants of long-established hedgerow, including stitchwort, bluebells, pansies and dog’s-mercury.

The easement of the Vattenfall cable route (currently under construction) produced plenty of interesting plants, including various fumitories and, my favourite, drifts of field pansies 🙂

Please visit the Flintshire botany page for details of the next meeting in the county.


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