Warrington Plant Group at Lumb Brook Wood 2017

Having explored the vascular plant flora of Lumb Brook Wood last year, we thought it would be a good place to record mosses and liverworts.  The site is mature woodland, is thought to be ancient at least in part and has the benefit of a stream running through it, so we thought it had lots of bryological potential.

Sam and I had the place to ourselves apart from the occasional dog walker, and nobody seemed to notice us poring over tree trunks, rocks and stream banks looking at small green stuff.  We recorded 49 species all by ourselves, which I’m sure is some sort of record.  All were common, but nice to see.  It was a particularly liverwort-y kind of day with 13 species recorded, including all of our common Metzgeria species, a couple of Calypogeia species, Nardia scalaris and lots of bulky thallose liverworts such as Pellia spp, Lunularia cruciata and this lovely Conocephalum conicum with hundreds of spent spore capsules:

It was a grand day out.  Amazing what you can find with a bit of training, enthusiasm and two pairs of eyes!

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