Flintshire BSBI at Rhyl

You might not think that urban Rhyl would be a particularly productive place to go botanising, but you’d be wrong.  We scored 147 vascular plant species between five of us on our first Flintshire BSBI outing of the season, and fully one-third of those were in the car park at the train station!

The tetrad containing Rhyl train station is in fact quite diverse, with urban, coastal, hedgerow, grassland, woodland, wetland and stream habitats.  We spent quite a bit of time at Brickfields Pond nature reserve, a disused quarry now popular with local walkers, where we investigated as much of the site as we could without actually getting wet!

As always, not every species was identifiable, and I may have to swing by the train station later in the season to take another look at the mystery Polygonum knotweed type thing which stumped us all, and the bonus cornsalad Valerianella species just coming into flower around the edge of an otherwise dull amenity grassland.  147 is not half bad though, especially this early in the season, and I thank everyone who attended for their contributions.

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