Flintshire BSBI at Caerwys

We had another successful day out in Flintshire recording plants.  This square is under-recorded, and doesn’t look very exciting on paper, but we found over 160 species between the four of us 😀

Star-of-Bethlehem Ornithogalum umbellatum.  Smart, isn’t it!  Just a random plant along what might be the best lane ever.  We found bluebells, dog’s mercury, wood anemone, sanicle, wood melick and many other delights including the first record of dropwort Filipendula vulgaris for Flintshire in the post-2000 period!

Now this is maybe not that exciting because the plant was previously known from this site, but it was still super-nice to see this species in abundance.  Don’t think I’ve seen it since my Masters and that was twenty years ago, so yeah, it’s a nice record 😉

Here’s my specimen:

I didn’t uproot the entire thing but I assure you it looked much happier when it was still growing and hadn’t been in the fridge overnight…

Kinda looks like a cross between yarrow and meadowsweet in the flesh.

See what can turn up in quite ordinary countryside when you least expect it!

Thank you to all who came along for all your contributions and to Julian for the route finding and navigation.

Join us on our next meeting at Penycloddiau on 24th June, details here.


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