Field gentian hunt 2018

This year’s field gentian hunt took place after a prolonged period of hot dry weather.  Not surprisingly, limestone grassland at Loggerheads Country Park, our target site, was looking brown and crispy by mid-July and, not surprisingly, there was no sign of any gentians, field or otherwise.

As a consolation prize, we found lesser meadow-rue Thalictrum minus, which was the first record of this species on the Flintshire side since 1981.   A pleasant surprise and proof that it is worth trying to re-find old records of notable plants.

Here’s the Thalictrum:

And here are some snaps from the day showing that we did manage to find *some* flowers…..

Scabious and St. John’s wort in bloom

Harebells looking in perfect condition despite the drought

Botanists searching for gentians

Enchanter’s nightshade in a damp wooded area

Nettle-leaved bellflower by the nature garden

I shall be back at Loggerheads for another look next year, as the habitat generally looks ideal for gentians and I am quite sure there must be at least autumn gentian present.

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