I am a trained bat carer for Bat Conservation Trust and participate in volunteer bat surveys with South Lancashire Bat Group.

Click here to see posts about the volunteer bat projects I’ve been involved in.

If you need a bat survey for planning permission, you can visit the CIEEM website to search for a suitable consultant, or email me to ask for a recommendation of someone local to your project.

If you have found an injured bat or a bat inside your house and are not sure what to do next, phone the Bat Conservation Trust helpline for advice.  They can put you in touch with a local bat carer.  Go to their website for more info.  Alternatively, if you are in the Greater Manchester area, you can phone the South Lancashire Bat Group helpline who can arrange a bat carer to help you.

If you want to know more about bats generally, visit the Bat Conservation Trust website or get in touch with your local bat group:

South Lancashire Bat Group

Cheshire Bat Group

Merseyside and West Lancashire Bat Group