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Badger and bat surveys, Staffordshire (2015)

I did a Phase 1 habitat survey on this site last year and remembered thinking that owing to the mature trees on site, some sort of bat survey would be a good idea.  Turns out the client (a small ecological consultancy) thought so too, and so I was duly summoned back to site to learn whether there was any significant bat activity.  Or, indeed, any badger activity, as this is a rural area.

I roped in my friend J, who has snazzier bat recording equipment than I do, and the benefit of a bat licence, and off we went to find out. Continue reading

Badger surveying for the first vaccinations of 2015 :)

North-east Cheshire has some of the least subtle badgers I’ve ever met.  Not content with leaving super-obvious spoil heaps all over the adjacent wooded bank, this badger decided to make a hole actually in the arable field adjacent, for easy access to all those lovely worms (!)

2015-05-09 11.21.10 (800x450) Continue reading

Repeat badger survey for Year 2 vaccination site, Cheshire (2015)

Wirral and Cheshire Badger Group are looking forward to vaccinating again this year at the same sites we did last year.  Why go back to the same places again?  We hope to keep catching and vaccinating badgers at the same sites for five consecutive years, so that we have done our best to give herd immunity to the social groups living in our target areas.

This time around, the only badger signs on the part of the target site I was sent to were badger footprints around a cattle trough.  But there were plenty of them!  A veritable badger motorway:

badger motorway Continue reading

Badger vaccination surveys are here again :)

Wirral and Cheshire Badger Group are building on their vaccination programme started last year.  We hope to include more sites in 2015, but our priority is to make sure we vaccinate again at all the sites we did last year.  Guidance is that we need five consecutive years’ vaccination at each site to obtain herd immunity, so that’s what we’re going to do!

We began by re-surveying a site near Chester.  Each site needs to be surveyed prior to vaccination to see whether anything has changed or any new setts have been dug which might be good locations for trapping badgers.  It’s quite a bit easier re-surveying a site than it is starting from scratch, as you can imagine, and it was gratifying to find that the badger setts recorded last year were still active and that activity patterns seemed fairly consistent with last year’s results.  This suggests we would do well to put the bait and traps out in the same places as last year.

badger surveyors at work

Hopefully the other sites needing re-survey this year will be as straightforward 🙂

Vaccinating badgers at another site in Cheshire

We vaccinated three farms in 2014 and this is the third and final one.  Catch rates again were excellent with twice as many badgers captured on the second night as on the first.  We thought there were three individuals based on camera trap footage but we actually managed to catch four at once so obviously there were a few more camera-shy ones lurking… Continue reading