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National Bat Conference 2016

The National Bat Conference is exactly what it sounds like – an opportunity for bat workers to get together and talk about new research, new information and new opportunities in the world of bats.  It’s organised by Bat Conservation Trust  and this year the programme was exceptionally interesting, encompassing work on roost and habitat selection by individual members of bat social groups, migration of Nathusius pipistrelles across Europe and top tips on identifying vagrants to the UK such as Kuhl’s pipistrelle, which may turn up more and more often in the UK with climate change. Continue reading

Swarming weekend with South Lancs Bat Group

Way back on August Bank Holiday weekend I joined South Lancs Bat Group for a weekend of swarming bats.  We have for several years held a project licence to trap and ring bats at two local swarming sites to find out more about the bats using the sites and hopefully add to scientific knowledge about swarming behaviour. Continue reading

Nathusius’ pipistrelle hunt 2016 – the story so far

The mission continues…… as regular readers will know, this is the third year South Lancs Bat Group have participated in the Nathusius project.  We want to know – where do these rare bats live?  Do we have maternity colonies in our area?  Are they resident, migratory or both?

Our licence allows us to harp trap and mist net bats at specific sites in May and then again towards the end of the summer after this year’s young have “fledged”.  We hope to catch Nathusius pipistrelles and ring them in the hope that recaptures will give us important information on what this species is doing.  We also very much hope to catch female Nathusius pipistrelles and radiotrack them to find maternity roosts. Continue reading

Spring batbox check at Marbury Country Park

This is at least my seventh blogpost about bats at Marbury Country Park!  Use the search bar or click “bats” to find some of the others.

The spring batbox check is a regular appointment in my calendar – as regular readers will know, I’ve been much involved in surveys for Nathusius pipistrelle over the last couple of years, and they have been frequently recorded at this site.  If there’s a chance of Nathusius, I’ll be there 🙂 Continue reading

Wigan Flashes bat surveys 2016

South Lancs Bat Group are organising a series of surveys of the Wigan Flashes this year to find out more about how bats use the area.

I went to the first survey in April which was very well attended and we recorded several species using bat detectors including common and soprano pipistrelles, noctule and Myotis species.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about bats and bat surveying while helping the bat group document how bats use the Flashes.

If you’d like to join in, please get in touch with  John Harrison-Bryant at records@slbg.org.uk