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Cheshire Active Naturalists’ bird ringing workshop

If you’ve never been to Norton Priory I must suggest you go; this was my first trip there and I’m already planning to return 🙂  The good people of Cheshire Active Naturalists often hold events there, as the ranger is a member himself and very interested in wildlife.

This time round we were here to see a demonstration of bird ringing by David Norman of Merseyside Ringing Group, an august local chap who has been ringing birds at the site for over 30 years and has over 100,000 ringing records to prove it ! Continue reading


Garden List 2014

I follow loads of naturalists on Twitter, and some of them are pan-listers.  What is this ?  A pan-lister is someone who records everything – all wildlife, from lichens to earthworms to owls.  Most of these people were doing #1000for1ksq last year – they aimed to record 1000 species of any kind of wildlife in their chosen 1km square.  I thought that was a really cool idea and for a while I thought I might join them.  Then I realised I was a bit intimidated, actually, and why not start slightly smaller ?  Why not just record whatever I can find at home ? Continue reading

Bird Identification Workshop, Martin Mere

This was a bargain.  Under £25 to spend all day with an experienced birder learning bird ID and the craft of birdwatching with a small group of fellow novices.  Highly recommended.

For those interested in the day, we met at 8.30 am and mooched around until 3pm (with a couple of breaks) looking at birds, talking about bird ID tips, fiddling with binoculars, having earnest discussions about whether that blob miles away was a buzzard (it was) and generally having a nice day out which also happened to be educational.

Martin Mere run ID workshops most months of the year so there’s scope to see a very wide range of species whilst learning.

Barn owl courses with Barn Owl Trust in Devon

I invested in a two day course on barn owls with the Barn Owl Trust and was glad I did – not least because I then had an excuse for a holiday in Devon !

Before the course I hadn’t found evidence of barn owl for a while and was beginning to think I was getting a bit rusty – I’m happy to say that I now feel really confident.

Here are some photos of the materials presented during the course which I found helpful.

Continue reading

Melton Core Strategy HRA AA, Leicestershire (2011)

Provided technical advice and Stage 1 and 2 Habitats Regulations Assessment and Appropriate Assessment report on Melton’s Core Strategy Preferred Options.  The Core Strategy will set out the vision and planning strategy for the Borough up to 2026.  It will cover the broad location of development and include the strategic policies for housing, business, retail and transport.

The Core Strategy was approved by the Council on 15th February 2012 and will be out for consultation until April 2012.

The Habitats Regulations Assessment report can be viewed here

West Lancashire Local Plan HRA AA (2010-11)

Provided technical advice and Stage 1 and 2 Habitats Regulations Assessment and Appropriate Assessment report on West Lancashire’s Local Plan Preferred Options.

The Habitats Regulations Assessment report can be found here.

Merseyside Local Authorities Core Strategies HRA AA (2010-11)

Provided technical advice, review and guidance in relation to Stage 1 and 2 Habitats Regulations Assessment and Appropriate Assessment of the emerging Core Strategies for Knowsley and Wirral.