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BREEAM survey near Chester, Cheshire (2015)

Could this be the world’s most exciting survey ? (!)

The dull but useful BREEAM survey took a new turn last month when I found myself surveying a car park near Chester.  Now usually when doing a BREEAM survey it’s on a site which already has planning permission for development, so I don’t expect to see much in the way of wildlife – maybe a bit of Japanese knotweed to liven things up – but a functional car park takes boring to a new level !

I think the ornamental flower beds have probably never seen such scrutiny:

wow such excite

Honestly, this is good and nothing to complain about – this development is in the right place with no obvious impact on wildlife.  Plus, the client is aiming to get a good score on the BREEAM environmental certification, so good on them.  They’ll probably do well on the ecology credits given what is(n’t) on the site at the moment.

Ecologically uninteresting it may have been, but the site did have the benefit of a variety of shops, restaurants and public facilities and when could you last say that about somewhere you surveyed?

In fact, I could do with more projects like this !

Ecological appraisal, bat survey and input to BREEAM assessment for depot site, Warrington, Cheshire (2012)

I undertook an ecological appraisal of a depot  in Warrington town centre to provide adequate ecological data to support a planning application for new offices as part of the regeneration of the area.

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Lower Broughton Residential Scheme, Salford, Greater Manchester (2010-2011)

Provided technical review, advice and guidance in relation to ecological input to Code for Sustainable Homes assessments of large-scale phased regeneration development at Lower Broughton, Salford.  Phases 1 through 2B are now complete.

Library of Birmingham BREEAM (2011)

Provided technical review, guidance and advice in relation to ecological input to the BREEAM assessment of the new Library of Birmingham, which is now open and looking spectacular.

Proposed biomass facility at Coca-Cola bottling plant, near Wakefield, South Yorkshire (2011)

Provided technical advice, review and guidance to project team undertaking ecological appraisal and BREEAM survey of proposed location of biomass facility on existing industrial site.  The planning application was approved in December 2011.