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Neuadd-goch Bank wind farm, Powys (2007-8)

I was involved with this project in its early stages, when it was referred to as Cilfaesty Hill wind farm.  Subsequently, the developers investigated additional areas of land, removing Cilfaesty Hill from the proposals and the final scheme name was changed to reflect this.

I undertook detailed Phase 1 habitat survey, NVC survey and mammal survey of the site to inform the design process.  I also participated in white-clawed crayfish survey and assessed the site’s potential to support uncommon bryophyte species.

A planning application for the scheme was submitted in January 2012 and further information can be found on the developer’s website.

Steam Raising Plant, Burneside Mills, Kendal, Cumbria (2008)

I completed Extended Phase 1 habitat survey and preliminary ecological appraisal of a proposed steam raising unit within the papermill site adjacent to the River Kent SAC.  Ecological issues for consideration included: river water quality and habitats, white-clawed crayfish, bullhead and otter.

Planning consent was awarded in June 2009.

Valley Brook, Crewe, Cheshire (2007)

Undertook ecological constraints survey and water vole survey for culvert renewal project.

Erosion protection project, Docker Garth, Kendal, Cumbria (2007)

Undertook crayfish survey and managed site supervision for erosion protection project.

Crayfish surveys, north-west England (2005)

Management of team undertaking crayfish surveys of nineteen watercourses in six catchments.  Crayfish survey.  Production of final reports