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Llennyrch NVC survey part 2, Snowdonia (2016)

What a pleasure to be working with Enfys Ecology and the Woodland Trust on a conservation project – makes a change from the usual development schemes!  This was part 2 of a survey which my colleague Lucia Ruffino and I started last year.  The first part was mostly grassland with some interesting boggy bits, the highlight for me being finding white beak-sedge which I hadn’t seen in forever.  This year’s part was much bigger, 11 days survey for both of us, and covered a swathe of land from Trawsfynydd Lake up the hills behind to an altitude of about 300m.

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NVC survey at Tirgwynt wind farm, Powys (2016)

If you’ve been following this blog for a long time you might remember I did an NVC survey at this site a while back.  Well, it turns out that when the client sent me the survey boundary, they missed a bit, and so back I went in June this year to finish the job.

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This part of the site was no less complex, with lots of little hillocks and ridges all over the place creating vegetation as well as topographic diversity.  Everything from improved grassland to blanket bog!  The adjacent wind farm is now under construction, but fortunately I was working in a different set of fields, so I didn’t have to contend with construction wagons and diggers.A

The vegetation was quite similar to previous, but I did find a couple of interesting species:

Adder's-tongue in the very first quadrat !

Adder’s-tongue in the very first quadrat !

Moonwort in a disused quarry adjacent to the site

Moonwort in a disused quarry adjacent to the site

Grassland and woodland survey, Snowdonia, North Wales (2015)

What a treat to visit some traditionally managed land which retains much of its ecological character and interest.  And I got paid!  This really can be the best job in the world sometimes 🙂

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Quarry access road, Flintshire (2015)

Ever assessed the condition of a calcareous grassland in January?  Me neither, before last month.  At least it wasn’t snowing (!) Continue reading

A tour of SSSIs. With a bit of soil sampling thrown in. (2014)

Fancy a tour of SSSIs?  Want to get paid for it?  Yes please!

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