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Pine marten scat survey, Shropshire (2013)

I spent a delightful April weekend near Church Stretton walking amongst snow on the Long Mynd and searching for pine marten scat with Shropshire Mammal Group.  We met at a woodland between Clun and Bishop’s Castle to retrieve camera traps and see whether we could find any mustelid scat.  The mission was greatly helped by trained sniffer dog Luna and her handler Louise from Conservation Dogs.  Camera traps recorded a variety of wildlife including hares and roe deer, with one blackbird being particularly successful at being videoed… but no sign of any pine marten.  Shropshire Mammal Group and Shropshire Pine Marten Survey have Facebook pages and here you can see some of the footage we picked up on the day.

Harestanes Wind Farm, Dumfries & Galloway (2006)

This 71-turbine wind farm has been consented and construction is well under way at the time of writing with completion expected in 2014; the developer is already considering extending the site to the north with a further 19 turbines.

I produced the ecological impact assessment chapter of the Supplementary Environmental Information document requested during the consenting process.  This document analysed potential impacts on blanket bog, red squirrel, otter, water vole, bats and pine marten.  It also included assessment of potential cumulative impacts with other wind farm proposals in the region.